Funny Conversation Between My Friend And I

Do you always ask a question about Zillian?
Have you ever thought that she might ask her because she has an interest and is really hot? Or you can not answer questions, so they should ask for a valid answer until they get the answer.

Just do not ask

Make sure you believe in what you do
Then why would you say that it is true? If it is negative and if it is sensitive in the mother tongue section, then take it in warm water.

He can only keep the wall and tell you that you will not be interrupted by eating. Not a simple trick

That's right, it's nothing to do with you, it's me
Very funny, never go there. This dating is one of the most commonly used phrases in the world. Essentially, this means that for some reason you want to do it and remove the crime from the situation and remove it.

What are these extensions?
Maybe they are, maybe not! Is it really important? Most girls who hit their hair want to see naturally and do not really ask if it is real or not.

It would be annoying, to clarify this question.

I'm just going on, so I can not stop
Well, it's safe to say he's mad, what you said was not funny. It's not about you, it's about you, that you do not believe in their feelings. If you hurt him or not, who will tell him?

Wait and think before opening your mouth.

Are you really sick?
It can be taken in two ways. You might think that you would question the validity of his illness. Not a simple trick

Second, you claim that he is sick and if you are sick, you will blame him. As it is slightly irritation or crouching.

Are not you crazy?
Well, this saying is really stupid, because if this is true then you are really in big trouble. Something sensible to say, so go to a party and not just ... never.

Looks like you're loading with tilt
Emotions are not that good? And if they do not appear from time to time, they will be bottled and one day they will explode. Negative rated as positive

Rest ... Take a pill
Talk about nail on the head. When someone tries to control their emotions and asks them to rest or stay calm, they make it very difficult to remain open under control.

There is something about "relaxing" and "silence", which makes women crazy. And when they are crazy, they become emotional and when you are in trouble,

Did you feel better?
One thing that the person should ever comment is not the weight or height of the girl. It seems the worst, no matter how expensive your intentions are.

Be careful that you can get a good shot with a girl and make the right connection.

How can you talk to a girl here so she can dress you up?
Focus on it
According to Tango experts, a girl feels special and wants her attention to be unreliable. If a girl wants to talk to you, it will happen and she is not about you, she is just about her.

Have confidence in your skin and generally have comfortable experiences around women. You can "realize" the next question or what you are trying to hear what you say.

Generally women have difficulties with insights. Find your comfort zone and give everything about it.